The Internship Abroad Experience That Almost Slipped Away


This was October of 2021. I was a couple of months in at Wentworth Institute of Technology after transferring from a community college. Studying abroad had been roaming in the back of my mind fueling my desire to learn Computer Science from a different perspective, from thousands of miles away. I started inquiring about scholarships that can help cover my expenses abroad. I was writing essays, and looking into programs with the help of my CO-OP advisor Sara and my study abroad advisor Rebecca. She was of tremendous help in pointing me the right direction and giving me resources that helped me become a recipient of this prestigious organization. Fast forward about 6 months in, I started looking into the study abroad programs. I set out to learn Catalan because my school said that was the only school that has a partnership with my institution. I cross-checked my curriculum and had the associate Dean approve of my syllabi that were offered by the University in Girona, Spain. I started planning my study abroad by learning Catalan. I did not want to show up in Girona not being able to conversate with the locals. I am proficient in Spanish and I said how hard can this be? It was challenging and way distinct than Spanish. However, as I was embarking on this journey of learning Catalan to turn my dream of study abroad to reality, I receive unpleasant rules. My dean said I could not study abroad and the credits will not count to my degree. I was shocked, disappointed, and heartbroken. But I was relentless to seek other opportunities that would allow me to have an abroad experience. I looked into doing an internship abroad and luckily I landed an internship in Malaga, Spain. Since my school requires us to complete two internships that will count toward our degree, I wanted to explore that. I am very grateful to have found an opportunity in my Computer Science field that fulfilled the requirements of my school. Through this experience, I learned that if you persist relentlessly, you can make your dreams come true. I will be staying in Malaga, Spain from February until May. I am excited about what this experience will have in store for me and what invaluable lessons await me. Stay tuned to follow me on my journey. Vamos!