The 5 Must Do’s Before You Hop on a Plane to Ghana





1.  Packing: Not something you procrastinate about.

I literally began packing for my trip to Ghana one day before I left.  I do not advise this!  I felt as if I was forgetting something important—this is something that travelers need to do in advice and with lots of patience.

2.  Get your meds together

Traveling to Ghana required me to load up on different kinds of vaccines, including typhoid and yellow fever.  As per Ghanaian law, it is mandatory that you arrive in Ghana with a yellow fever vaccine—they are playing no games!  Additionally, I began taking preventative medication for malaria about two weeks prior to traveling to Ghana. 

3.  Stock up on those snacks

During this past semester, my professor advised me to pack a handful of snacks that I usually had a craving for.  From past experience, being in another country and eating food that you are not that familiar with can bog you down a bit—and it is always nice to have a Snicker’s bar in your backpack for those gloomy days.

4.  “Studying” Abroad, really means “studying”

Yes, it is exciting to be in another country and have a great time.  However, it is a time to learn, think and innovate.  Because of this I highly suggest preparing course materials by printing out syllabuses or schedules—come prepared and be ahead of the game. 

5.  RELAX, it’s going to be okay!

Things will go wrong. Flights might be delayed.  Bags might get lost.  However, you have to learn to become flexible. Everything will work out in the end; there is no reason to over-stress yourself.  Stress undermines the immune system and that is not something you want once you begin your study abroad trip.