TGIF – Big Ben, Camden Town, & Wicked


Good Morning Everyone. It’s 11 am here in London, and after a week of mostly rain, it is bright and sunny out side, but the temperatures is in the 50’s. So all you people who love the sun, but don’t like the heat that comes with would love it out here. It is now my official third week and London, and now one of my coworkers from back home is out here as well. Although, she is in a different program than me, and will be out here a little longer. The following week has been filled with going to the Houses of Parliament, seeing Big Ben, and seeing Wicked the play. Oh, and let me not forgot about my nightly adventures in Camden Town. hahaha :-)

What can I say about Camden Town that I can’t say about Downtown L.A., or Downtown Fullerton, or Downtown Pomona, or any downtown. Nothing. To be honest, being there at night just walking around and searching for which club to get into was interesting in itself. The night crowd is very lovely filled with extremely gorgeous women, the occasional drug dealer, and bouncers… everywhere. A friend I ended up going club hoping with these two beautiful women; one was french, and the other was Italian. I was in love. But before going on my venture to Camden Town aka baby L.A., I was went to see Wicked.

Wicked was a good play/musical, I enjoyed it more then I thought I would. Although, I did have like three drinks (maybe four), it was very good, and had a different take on the story of Oz then the movies. And that wicked witch, she was hot to trot. lol. But seriously, I recommend seeing it if you ever get the chances, but get top center seats if you can, that seems to be the best position to both see and hear good.

This week we went on a field trip to the Houses of Parliament to see where all the Laws get made, and learn a little more on the history of London, and the UK. Inside it’s very decorative filled with bright colors, elaborate paintings, and statues galore. I mean there is at least 100 statues in that place, and all of prominent European queens, kings, princes, lords, nobles, prime ministers, etc. Some of them even had swag. Posing in position some of us do today. We saw the role thrown which is both gold plated and made of pure gold. Also, we saw the House of Lords, which theme is red, and the House of Commons, which theme is green. The Monarch (queen, king, prince, etc) is not allowed into the House of Commons. If she tries to come in they will literally slam the door in  her face. Well, maybe not literally, but you understand what I mean. By the way, Big Ben, yeah that’s one big ass clock.

It was very lovely when I woke up this morning, the sun was out and the birds were chirping. The clouds are puffy and white, so lets hope it doesn’t rain to day. I need a break from being involuntary wet. If you want to see more of my pics and videos be sure to follow me on Instagram, username: boni_london2015 or look me up on Facebook. I’m debating if I want to go site seeing today. Maybe I will, maybe I will.

Until next you sexy beasts and beastets, Put some chalkies on it! (Don’t Ask).IMG_20150923_093433 IMG_20150917_041128 IMG_20150923_071537 IMG_20150923_071947 IMG_20150918_154407 IMG_20150917_041059 IMG_20150923_072700 IMG_20150923_093711 IMG_20150923_072544