Study Time





Typically when it comes to school, most of my friends see me studying all the time. Even on days when there are no exams or surprise pop quizzes. When my friends see me, I am in a classroom with the board completely full of work. Even the library, where I can use a white board to the fullest. I always get the question of why do I not take time and relax a little. My response is I just have to make sure I understand the material before I can enjoy some time of relaxation. That is what I commonly do back at home almost every single day.

One of the many study rooms to use here at Hanyang University!

Here in Seoul, my way of studying has changed for the better. For instance, the library here has five floors and each floor has open and private study rooms. Something that I like to do is change where I study from time to time. I can go to the second and forth floor to study on Mondays through Wednesday, and have a reserved private room for Thursday and Friday. This helps me because I do not see the same things over and over agin. It is like there is always something new to see. What I love about it as well is that I do not feel that I am the only student studying. At Hanyang University, everyone here studies around the clock. As soon as the sun rises to the overnight hours. When you enter of one these study rooms, it almost feels like you have to study. If for some reasons the library is full of students, each building has study rooms to in as well.

I love walking by and seeing this!
Taking a break from school, to enjoy the view!

When I am tired of going to the library, I take my usual walks to a park and just sit down and study there too! There are days in Seoul that are gorgeous, and the best way to celebrate is by going out and admiring the view. All the studying can build up stress throughout the week. You can see it in students facial expression, but thankfully there are many ways to relieve the stress you have. Many of the students I have talked to enjoy their time going to a pub, singing Karaoke, or eating dinner with friends. Believe it or not, you will not even notice the time will have gone by so fast. All of these places are open until five in the morning! No matter what type of stress you have from work or school, everyone here can enjoy their weekend nights and have a great time! The night life in Seoul is something that I do not see at home, so I enjoy having fun here!

Sometimes I go just as high as I can to study!