Solo Exploration


It has been proven that spending time outside and exploring the environment can make us feel better mentally and physically. This is especially true when we visit a new place with different cultures and sights to see. But some people might feel scared or nervous about going to unfamiliar places, especially by themselves. Going to a new town or city alone can seem scary, but it can also be really fun and exciting. If we prepare ourselves and have a positive attitude, exploring a new place by ourselves can help us grow as people, be independent, and increase our self-confidence.

Dublin’s city center is pretty small, so it’s easy to walk around or take the bus to get further out. Even though it’s small, there are a lot of things to see and do. It can be hard to make plans with friends, especially considering our time constraints in Ireland, but it’s important to get as much out of this experience as possible. So going off on my own is needed at times. One important thing to do when traveling is to learn how to be independent. We need to know how to get around, manage our time well, and explore on our own. Being independent can make us feel more in control of our trip, let us do what we want, and find cool things that we like as individuals.

In high school, I had a more nervous demeanor when it came time to do anything on my own. But as a college student, I have learned that it’s important to be comfortable with being by myself. During my first year, I realized that even though it’s fun to hang out with friends, I can’t always depend on them to do things I like. So I decided to go off on my own sometimes, and I found out that self-reliance had nice connotations. Learning to be comfortable when you’re not with a crowd is important because it helps us take charge of our lives and make the most of every opportunity.

One of the best things to do alone in Dublin is to walk around the city. There are lots of cool things that are easy to happen upon, like listening to the buskers on Grafton Street or going to the lushly green Phoenix Park. It’s easier to move around the city by myself because we don’t have any plans to solidify. I can decide where I want to go and what I want to do without anyone else changing my judgment about what others want to do. I have found that traveling alone has even improved my decision-making processes. With so many choices, I have gotten better at deciding what’s good and bad for just me. Traveling alone has taught me to trust myself and use my own judgment, which is important in every part of life. You should give it a try!