Smog City






Hi Everyone!

So during these past couple of days, the pollution has been extremely bad! Today it’s 354 PM at Beijing; it’s so bad there’s a skull sign besides 354 on my air quality app. Good air quality in Beijing would be around 0-50.

However, the air quality in Beijing is not always that bad. It usually gets better after it rains. The air quality fluctuates so much, and so does the weather! Both are so unpredictable.

During this week, there has been days that was really cold, but there were also days that were a bit hot. I still wear sandals over here.. and it’s funny because I’ve noticed several people staring at my feet intensely. During this week, I hung out with my language partner, and she asked me if I had shoes and that my feet must be cold. She told me that people in Beijing would never wear sandals at this time because it’s getting cold. But to me this weather is just like winter in California, and people wear sandals all year round! Well, I think I’m going to still wear sandals in Beijing. I won’t wear it when it rains or snows though!

Aside from the air quality/weather, my studies are going pretty well! I feel like my Mandarin is definitely progressing. I recently spoke to my grandparents who live in Guangdong, and I understood most of everything they were saying! :) I remember there was a time that did not understand most of what they said. Also right before this trip, it was much harder for me to speak in Mandarin. School does require a lot of work, but I’m happy that I can actually see myself progressing!