The Netherlands is a tiny country! It is so small that you can drive across the country within 4 hours! Also, the Netherlands is right in between Germany and Belgium so a 30-minute car ride can consist of you entering a different country! Because the Netherlands is so small it is so easy to travel and see so many beautiful places. In just one week I was able to see Amsterdam, Netherlands, and Liege, Belgium.

The car ride to Amsterdam was actually longer than the bus ride to Belgium. Our bus ride to Belgium was only 30 minutes, whereas our bus ride to Amsterdam was three hours.

First, I visited Amsterdam. It is best known for their narrow homes and stroop waffles. Also, it is Anne Frank’s hometown. I visited the Anne Frank museum and it was a very powerful experience. I think it was so powerful because of how knowledgeable I am about the topic. I read her book when I was in middle school and I traveled to Washington DC to visit the Holocaust museum. I feel like those experiences really made visiting her home so meaningful. While reading her book I always imagined what her home would look like and seeing the actual house in person was so incredible. Amsterdam was truly unforgettable.

In addition, I love how diverse Amsterdam is. I met people from Canada, Wales, and Spain. Also, I had so many people approach me and ask if I was Hispanic and I was finally able to speak Spanish again. I loved the feeling of being able to speak my native language with someone because in Maastricht there aren’t many Hispanics and it has been hard not being able to speak Spanish. In addition, I feel that in Maastricht everyone looks alike and it has been a little difficult being a minority. But in Amsterdam, there were people like me and they were just as excited to see me as I was. I had a great time in Amsterdam and I cannot wait to return.

After Amsterdam, we took a trip to Liege, Belgium. It was very beautiful! We visited Montagne de Bueren which is a 374-step staircase. I realized two things while visiting this place. 1) I am so out of shape and should consider going to the gym and 2) the hardest climbs truly have the best views. The top of the staircase consisted of an overview of the city and it left me in complete awe.

It has been two weeks since I have been in Maastricht, Netherlands and I feel that I have learned so many things. First off, I learned that the tallest people in the world are dutch! Wow! I would have never guessed that. Secondly, the Netherlands is a tiny country and many may see that as a drawback but I feel its size just allows people to see more of its beauty in less time. Therefore, I learned that although the Netherlands is tiny it is mighty!