Semana Santa





iHola a todos! Or Ciao!

I am currently in Venice, Italy for my spring break. Unlike my peers back home, spring break is a late here in Europe because it is concurrent with the Holy Week or Semana Santa. While I am not in Spain to witness the celebration of Semana Santa it does not mean that I won’t be celebrating it. Even though I do not follow any kind of religion, I am very much a spiritual person. Growing up, I was exposed to Catholicism and Buddhism due to the influence of my family and “godmother.” For as long as I could remember, I would attend mass and church services with my godmother while visiting the Buddhist temples on holidays. Due to these exposures, growing up, I was extremely curious about the different world religions and their impacts on human beings.

Semana Santa is more than a religious holiday because it is also a time where different cultures are celebrated throughout Spain. From Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, the streets in Spain are filled with religious possessions with music and people. Depending on the regions, some possessions can be gloomy while others are lively and festive. Featured in the possessions are floats from brotherhood within the city which are then carried towards the city’s cathedral. The entirety of the possession requires a lot of practice because they are typically ordinated and in-sync.

Perhaps the most culture shock to many of us Americans is the costumes of the members during the possessions. These costumes resemble that of the Ku Klux Klan or KKK in America. However, there is no correlation or significant between the KKK and Semana Santa. The people in costumes are penitents asking for forgiveness. The donning of the white robes and masked cone-shaped head represent the desire for equality before God and focus on repenting their sins.

On a lighter note, my friends and I left for our spring break on Friday. Our first destination was Milan, Italy. I have never been to Italy before so there was a lot of expectations, especially on the food. I must say, Milan blew me away with its beauty, people, and food. Due to time constriction, we only saw the Duomo di Milano (the Milan Cathedral) and Duomo Square.

Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II is often considered as one of the first examples of shopping center in the world.
Duomo di Milano, the largest church in Italy.
No PASTA Nada Siempre! (No worries always!)

Yesterday we arrived in Venice, Italy and I must say the city took my breath away. I am still in disbelief that I am in Italy with some of the best people in the whole world. Instead of planning out our day, we wandered around the city and found ourselves in Piazza San Marco which is known for its beauty and architecture.

Canal Grande in Venezia, Italy 1/2.
Canal Grande in Venezia, Italy 2/2.
At Piazza San Marco.

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