Saying Goodbye


Undoubtedly, this week was the one that went by the quickest. It happened so quickly that I had to finish both my internship at La Cruz Roja and my internship seminar course. The medical personnel there also brought us pozole, and we held a meeting to say goodbye to everyone. I’ll miss everyone and was incredibly grateful for how much they taught me. As a farewell gift, the director of the program staff also bought us dinner at a local restaurant. I never anticipated making such strong friendships while I was in Mexico, but I’m happy about the experience and the individuals I met, with whom I’ll be keeping in touch even after my trip is over. I gained so much from this trip and the course and internship, and couldn’t be more thankful for the FEA scholarship for allowing me to have this experience. I learned a lot from this trip, the course, and the internship, and I’m incredibly grateful for the FEA scholarship for making it possible for me to participate.