Saying Goodbye to Yonsei and South Korea


The last week of the program went by really fast, and I was not prepared for the realization that I would be leaving Korea pretty soon. My final exams went well, and I felt relieved to finally be done with the educational part of my trip. I am glad that I chose the courses I did because learning the material was very enjoyable. Korea left a mark on me, and I started to notice it as soon as I was leaving campus. I felt sad and realized that this chapter of my life was closing. I was looking forward to so many things once returning to the States like the food, and my family, and starting my senior year, but I also began to miss certain things in South Korea before I had even departed. I missed the collectivistic culture like the big meals at restaurants to share with friends and family, bidets, top-tier public transportation, and just being surrounded by so many different people. Getting situated in South Korea took some time and patience, but I miss it so much. This opportunity opened the door for the many international trips that I plan to take in the future. I am so thankful for South Korea, the Yonsei program, the scholarships and programs that helped me to get there, and my support system.