Same things, Different Places


Living in a small town definitely has its charms, such as a tight-knit community and a slower pace of life. However, it can also mean limited entertainment options, particularly for young people like me. Going to the movies might be one of the few activities available, and even that could get repetitive after a while. Museums rarely had new exhibits as well. So it’s not surprising that I was a bit overwhelmed by the plethora of options available in Dublin. As a bustling city, Dublin has plenty to offer! From SEVERAL museums and galleries to theaters and concert venues. There are also many parks and gardens to explore, as well as shopping and dining options.

As I researched activities to do before flying out to Europe, I felt uncertain about trying out anything that was also available back home. My previous experiences with such activities left me feeling unimpressed, and I didn’t want to repeat them again. However, this hesitancy did not last long as I arrived in a new country. The idea of exploring a whole new place and immersing myself in its culture made me want to break out of my shell and transform into someone more outgoing and well-traveled.

The excitement of being in a foreign land and the possibility of having a whole new identity gave me a sense of empowerment, and I was willing to try almost anything. As I tried new activities and experiences, I found myself becoming more confident and open-minded. I realized that some things I thought were a total waste of time turned out to be the exact opposite! The Cliffs of Moher was a perfect example of this. I mean, have you seen that seaside landscape? It’s stunning! And when you peek over the edge, you’re greeted with waves crashing and rolling onto the shore. It’s just amazing. The hike there was worth it!

It was only after I got back home that I realized that I was supposed to hate hiking. I used to think it was boring and pointless, but after exploring the Cliffs of Moher, I realized how wrong I was! It made me realize that sometimes we need to be open to not only new experiences but old ones as well. Retrying things more than once in new places can show that maybe you don’t like where you first tried an activity. Not that you didn’t like the activity itself. The cold air and high winds hadn’t even bothered me. I was mesmerized to be in a whole new country! It made me think that maybe I could bring a new outlook with me when I would finally return home. Would I be able to treat my own country’s familiar attractions as if they were a breath of fresh air?

Overall, my time at the Cliffs of Moher was an unexpected and refreshing change from my previous mindset. It reminded me of the beauty that can be found in the most unexpected places and the importance of being open to new adventures. I cannot wait to find out what else I like!