I’m barely containing my excitement at starting school on Monday! Today I had orientation! So, I’m excited to be able to post about it. In fact…I waited until now so that I could post about it.

I’m a nerd. Hands down. I love studying and one of the places that I am most comfortable is in the classroom. For some reason, it is one of my happy places. I couldn’t be more excited to begin classes at Providence. The library is BEYOND EPIK! It’s so huge and gorgeous. I almost cried.

Just two of the floors!
Just two of the floors!
Those bean bag chairs are life.

But back to the matter at hand: orientation.

Orientation was awkward at first, but I actually enjoyed it quite a bit. We met at the gate and then the International Friendship Buddy took us up to the building. We watched quite a few films on Providence and it was legit. I also made a couple of friends :)

Choosing my courses did not go as easy as I expected. I hope next semester will be better. But, I have 11 hours of regular courses and 10 hours of mandarin a week! I really like my schedule because it’s chiller than going to school at home. It will definitely take more practice because my major classes are once a week, but I will power through. I’m excited for this new experience, and I can’t wait to start on Monday.

On a slightly serious note, I’m so thankful that I’m here. I’ve had some time to do some serious thinking. How many people can say that they are living their dreams? I’m legit living my dream: living in Taiwan, studying, and practicing Chinese. I’ve already learned how to sign my name in Taiwanese Sign Language, and I’m starting to get an ear for Taiwanese. Can I just say thank you to all the people who are helping me live my dream?? Thank you. I am so happy here. We all have our moments being so far from home, but I feel so blessed to be here.


I can't get enough of the morning sky here.
I can’t get enough of the morning sky here. Most people probably would not see this as pretty, but I couldn’t imagine waking up to anything better.