One Parisian Month gone by




As of the day I’m writing this, it has now officially been a month since I first landed here in Paris. Things have been moving so fast, that as I mentioned in my previous post, sometimes it feels as if I don’t even have time to process how crazy it is that I’m actually here in Paris accomplishing my goals. While I feel comfortable enough saying that I am getting well acclimated to my new life here in France, the culture shock still hasn’t been fully dealt with and I sometimes find myself missing something or someone from home; nonetheless, it has been another eventful two weeks for me here in Paris and I am enjoying and taking in every bit of it. The program that I am with, MICEFA, held a cultural event for our cohort and we went to see comedy performance at a “nearby” theatre (well, nearby by Parisian standards, as it was twenty-five minutes by metro). It was an English performance by a French comedian and it was titled “How to become Parisian in one hour;” it seemed that everyone, including myself, had a good time, as it was funny to laugh about the many cultural differences between Parisians and Americans. We took a big group photo afterwards with all the MICEFA students, and I have included it below here in this post. The following day (a Friday), after I got out of class and made my way back to Paris, I actually didn’t go straight home and decided to head over to my friend, Peter’s, arrondissement because I’ve found that I really enjoy going on walks alone throughout Paris, like Owen Wilson in Midnight in Paris, so I’ve been doing just that whenever I have some downtime on my hands. I started my stroll at around 2 pm and a couple hours later, some of my friends mentioned in our MICEFA group chat that they were going to go to a cafe later that evening, so naturally I decided to go as well. The cafe was about an hour walk away from where I was, so I rejoiced when I realized that I could walk and ponder along the way; I’ve found it to be rather therapeutic, which is interesting because back home, I would never do things like this and just go walk on my own, so it’s been a nice change here in Paris. Of course, I snapped a picture during my walk and have also included it here in this post. I apologize if my blogs are a bit mellow and reserved, as I’ve sort of just been using this space to pour out some of my Parisian activities and elaborate on what I think about, so I hope this at least somewhat captivates you and makes you ponder the thought of perhaps coming on a therapeutic trip to Paris for yourself. Either way, be sure to let me know if you’re ever in town. Thank you for reading and I will return with more updates in two weeks, until then!