Off I go…





It’s 3pm CST in Terminal 5 of O’Hare International in Chicago. As I sit here waiting for my flight, I am thinking on all of the things and people that came together to make this trip a reality.  Already this has been quite a learning experience for me; navigating passport and visa applications, juggling communications between various government agencies, universities and programs. I had no idea what goes into traveling abroad when I started investigating the study abroad program. I just knew I wanted to experience some of the world, and that I was nearing the end of my degree program. Now or never, right?

My advisor at my home school recommended the Ó¦rebro University exchange program, and I am very interested in the positive psychology and social policy classes I’ll be taking. I’m also looking forward to finding and beginning my service work, whatever form it takes, once I arrive at Ó¦rebro. It will be interesting to go through this experience with traditional aged students from around the world, and I suspect I will learn as much from them as I will in my courses.

I’m excited for this first venture off American soil, and anxious to begin this adventure and to see and experience whatever lies ahead of me.  Mostly what I’m feeling as I prepare to board my first international fight is gratefulness – for this opportunity, and for all of those who helped make it possible. Let the adventure begin!