The Never Ending Finals




Cramming and Cramming

The time has come. It is finals week(s). Much like when I talked about mid-terms, things are different here than what I am used to. This isn’t totally new to me anymore because I went through mid-terms. However, I do think studying this time is way more overwhelming than last time. There are more classes to study for. Some of these classes are cumulative finals so I must review all the materials. I absolutely hate cumulative finals with ever fiber of my being. They are the most unnecessary thing to ever exist in the educational system. 

I have a big problem with exams but there is nothing I can do about it. Therefore, it is time to cram everything I learned. As of right now I have only taken one final and it was the easiest one in my opinion because it was in English. My management of fashion companies class final was on Monday, and I actually felt really good about it. I really enjoyed that class and it has made me really interested in the fashion world. But yes, the final was rather easy for me because the professor really prepared us for it and gave us everything we needed to know. She didn’t give us a study guide directly but she did highlight some of the important topics we covered. I really appreciated that.

Knowing what to study

Unlike my fashion class, most of my professors did not give us much to work with. Some of them gave us sample questions , but nothing that really helps the studying process. That is the most frustrating part about finals, you don’t know what to study. There is so much material and so many notes that it’s really hard to guess what will be on the final. Especially for a cumulative final. The only exam that is not cumulative is my marketing final, which I actually feel really good about. I feel the professor really provided some solid examples during class that helped me really understand the concepts. However, I do not feel great about my management final or my anthropology final. My management final was supposed to be only the second half of the material, but I was not pleased with my score on the mid-term.

It is something I brought upon myself, but I had to make a smart choice. I thought I had done enough on the mid-term but my score showed otherwise. We all make mistakes, and this is a mistake I made and now I have to correct. The other final I am extremely worried about it my anthropology final. This exam is an oral exam done in Italian. I have to speak Italian to my professor about the material. The thing that makes me more nervous about this exam is forgetting words. Because I feel like I know the material pretty well. Hopefully, I do not make too many grammatical mistakes where I can’t be understood. If I can keep calm and not trip up on my nerves, I think I will do well enough on that final.

Only My results will tell

There isn’t much else I can do. I’ve gone to lecture, I’ve read the materials and I have studied all the PowerPoints. I feel I have done everything humanly possible to pass. However, it isn’t up to what I think I’ve done. It all depends on my exam scores. That is really daunting to me. I standby what I have said, test scores don’t define your intelligence. However, it sometimes feels like they do. I really hope I pass all my exams and I am doing everything to make that happen.

These are my management books that I have been re-reading for the final.