My Last Week In Rennes




In Rennes, France, they currently offer a free light show called “Lumière.” The light show is performed nightly at the Parlement building until August 23rd. It’s definitely a worderful way to spend the evening in the city.

I’m so sad to be leaving but I feel as though I will definitely return again someday. I made so many friends from all over the world and I felt like each day was a new adventure. Being able to study abroad in France was without a doubt the highlight of my undergraduate studies. The people have been so kind and I love that I was able to further my language abilities. Rennes will forever hold a special place in my heart. For my last week it has been incredibly eventful.

Sunday 7/5

Since it was free, I visited the Rennes Museum of Art. I particularly enjoyed the Italian exhibition and the Egyptian artifacts.

Monday 7/6

The school took us to a restaurant to have Wine and Cheese Night. We were able to try two kinds of red wines and three types of French cheeses. I love all kinds of cheeses but my personal favorite were the Comte cheese and the Chevre. Plus it was nice to have another opportunity to be able to socialize with the professors and students.

Wednesday 7/8

The school took us to the cinema. We watched a film called, “Le Prof 2.” The plot was about French professors teaching British students. To be honest, the film was very bizarre. It was a slapstick comedy and quite nonsensical. However, I did like that there were no subtitles so we were forced to try and learn more of the language.

Later that night we went to the Rennes light show called, “Lumiere”. It was seriously one of the coolest events that Rennes offered for free. Every night during the sunner at 11pm, they have a light show at the Parlement building. It lasts for 15 minutes but the performance is phenomenal. Words really cannot describe how lovely and vivid everything was. The choreography is correlated perfectly to go in sync to the music and seeing it made me fall in love with Rennes just a little bit more.

Thursday 7/9

To celebrate the last day of actual classes, one of the students from Spain, hosted a small get together at his apartment. It was interesting to visit someone who was actually living in Rennes. There was lots of food, wine, and musical performances. I never knew how talented all of my classmates were. The host played the saxophone for us and two others sang songs. Being in the high rise apartment over looking the city made me realize how close we all became in such a short amount of time. I really enjoyed connecting with so many people from all different backgrounds.

Friday 7/10

We went to what was probably one of my favorite excursions. We got up early to travel to Mont-Saint Michel which was a monastery filled with so much history. The architecture is breath taking and our guide taught us so much. I’ve taken a medieval history course before so I was so excited to see history come to life after previously studying monks and the battles that occurred during those times. I really wish we could have stayed longer but after lunch we ventured to another destination where they took us to a beach that was extremely muddy because the tide comes in during certain seasons. However, when the tide is low you can actually walk the ocean floor. It was so muddy we were literally knee deep in the sand. Although I am now in badly need of a pedicure, I sincerely enjoyed learning about the marine life, edible oceanic plants, and playing in the water.

After such a long day, we still had to return back to the school where there was a goodbye reception of cider and sweets. I appreciate the personal touch that the CIREFE program provided to all of us and was able to get to know my professors so well. The difference in culture is quite noticeable as the French education system is way more laid back than the American system.

Saturday 7/1

The next day I got up early to wait for hours to see the Tour de France. I felt like the entire city was there to see the event. Since it was my first time I couldn’t miss it. I found it funny how we were there for hours sitting on the curb just to see the bikers pass us in 5 seconds. However, I’m glad I went and I love how the French have so much pride and passion for the race.

Sunday 7/12

Today was my last day in Rennes. I hate saying goodbye but I will definitely stay in contact with everyone I met. Some of us are now heading to Barcelona for a few days and then I am venturing solo to The Azores in Portugal.  Although today is bittersweet I can’t wait to move forward and see what my future will hold.