My last day





I leave for the airport in less than 12 hours. It will be boring these last few hours as I’m one of the last to depart, but I’m glad I was able to see most of the others off. Transition times like this always leave me with a strange feeling.

This has been the single best semester of my undergraduate career. I’ve learned a crazy amount of math, my Russian has improved, I’ve been to places I never even dreamed of going to. This has also been the most fun semester I have had, which is something I think has been lacking since I’ve returned to school after Teen Challenge. Thankfully, finals worked out wonderfully, so the semester was a success on all accounts. The people I’ve met here in Moscow, both the participants of the program and the people that live here, are truly amazing. I’ve loved watching how such smart people study and think about math and I have learned a tremendous amount from them, both math and life lessons. Most of the Russian people I’ve met approach their interests and work with such intensity and dedication. They have been a great example to me of what can be accomplished by not giving up and giving 100% all the time.

These past few days have been spent hanging out as much as possible with people from the program. I’m going to really miss them. We went to see the Nutcracker at the Bolshoi Theater a few days ago. This performance was incredible! Music was great, dancers were very impressive. I’ve realized I’m quite spoiled now. I’ve never been anywhere to see a ballet or anything, and after this everything will ultimately be compared to performances at the Bolshoi. Oh well.

On Sunday, Josh and I took Ryan to Beardy’s restaurant after church. This is my favorite restaurant in all of Moscow. The best borsch, delicious pastries, blini, just an all around great place. Today, Ryan and I went to meet Arina, a friend from the Bolshoi, for coffee at our favorite coffee place Double B. I have never had such a good cappuccino. Other than that, just packing and getting ready for departure. Speaking of which, I need to finish packing away everything then maybe take a nap before my flight.