Living and learning in Mexico: Week 3






¡Hola a todos desde Mexico de nuevo!

The sun temple in Teotihuacan.

I have reached the end of my third week in Mexico and it has been busy. So far I have visited museums, archaeological sites, churches, and even a waterfall! To say that this has been an enriching experience would be an understatement. I have learned and seen more places than I would have within the walls of a classroom. However, I do still attend class here 5 days a week and have required excursions after classes and on weekends with the group from my university.

I have traveled to Tepoztlán, Teotihuacan, Mexico City, and Cuetzalan to visit local treasures and learn about the rich culture and history of Mexico. One of my favorite things about the educational excursions that I have been on is getting to experience the culture of a foreign country first-hand.

One of my favorite adventures here was in Teotihuacan, an ancient city in Mexico that used to house commerce between different indigenous communities. This ancient city, that was abandoned, has temples dedicated to the gods they worshiped and to the sun and the moon.

I decided to hike up the steps of the sun temple and I managed to succeed in my goal of making it to the top. From there I could look out at a view that was once populated with merchants looking to sell their wares.

I made it to the top of the sun temple!

Even though I am constantly tired and missing home, this is definitely an educational opportunity that I would have regretted missing. The professors do their best to help us understand and learn the Spanish language, while we also gain historical knowledge and context about the various sites we have visited in Mexico.

The atmosphere of learning that the local university has fostered is incredible, and I hope that other students will be able to have the same experience that I am having in Cuernavaca in any place that they decide to study in or visit.

¡Nos vemos chicos! ¡Hasta la próxima!