Landing in Copenhagen :)


This first photo is about a day and a half after I arrived in Denmark. I spent the earlier morning sleeping off my jet lag and bonding with my neighbor over our struggle to connect our iPhones to Danish sim cards, the lack of air conditioning, and Denmark’s metro system. This is how I made my first two friends in Denmark and ended up spending the rest of the day with them exploring Copenhagen Center (downtown Copenhagen).

On my third day in Denmark, I went to the DIS student hub to pick up my textbooks for classes, where I met a few people from my home college. We ended up strolling around Copenhagen Center and grabbing coffee (at this point, my second cup of the day). We split up at the end of the day to return to our respective housing. I struggled to figure out my bus route (along with a dead cellphone). I got tired and frustrated, which led to me sitting on a bench and enjoying the view of the Danish Royal Palace (thankfully, I was able to catch the correct bus and get back to my housing safely).