Introduction Week to International Video Journalism Program





The introduction week was pretty amazing. It was for all international students who are doing the reporting, photography, and videojournalism program. I have never been in the room with so many different nationalities! I am looking forward to this!

The most surprising thing about Denmark is the higher standard of living and the safety net for citizens. Are you ready for these facts: You can find supermarkets with healthy foods almost every other mile (or kilometer), which feels like every other block. In fact, I can take a three minute walk from my dorm to a small mall that has four different grocery store options. I have my own room and bathroom in my dorm. And my flatmates have told me that they get paid monthly to attend college, around 5500 – 6300 Danish Krone (DKK) or $830.00 – $950.00 USD.

I thought I was super cool and well-traveled when in college my first year because I took a gap year traveling to India before beginning college. I also lived in a student cooperative or collective later in college at my transfer school, which is considered revolutionary in the U.S., and where the students manage a house budget, cook and clean together. Also, I thought I was cool because I have a taste for all types of music around the world. Then I came here. I realized I am not as cool as I thought. Danish people take a gap year for one to three years before starting college, their living dorms are based around a cooperative style with shared kitchen, and people have good music taste here. I am going to have to level up my coolness.

Two more things, I told myself I would never ride a bicycle again back home because it is too much exercise and cars drive too violently for me to feel safe. I am denying it, but I know I will rent a bicycle because there are quality paved bike lanes here and it will give me the European experience. Second thing, there are very little advertisements except for shopping centers. It is nice to have a break of many beauty standards and colorful things grabbing my attention aside from my phone.

Photo with my friends Kyran (left) and Olivia (top right) who also study journalism at San Francisco State University.

This is a photo of all the international students. Can you find me?