Identity is Rooted




Identity is rooted within. At least this is what I’ve come to recognize from living in Rome for a little over a month now. My sense of identity has become more prominent in the culture of where I’m living, mostly because it must. Even though, the culture in Italy is unfamiliar and I haven’t found many traces of my identity present, I can say that I’ve experienced a great deal of personal growth. To be immersed in the Italian culture has been enriching, simply because it’s an opportunity to see how I live from a new perspective. Study abroad so far has helped me realize aspects of my lifestyle and with that recognition, I’m able to understand why I do what I do.

The things that are important to me have risen from the rootedness within. Being Black in Italy has been a trying time of recognizing myself in this world and learning to be okay with it. And in this rootedness, I harbor so much more than just myself. I think about my parents and family everyday, and I think about how this experience is so much more than me. My identity in america is often painted and celebrated in the places that I call home. With being in Italy, this artistry and celebration has become a joyous melody I get to listen to from within. It means a great deal to be able to see the world like this, and for this, I’m forever grateful.

I’m on day two of my first weekend trip of the semester to Sorrento and it has been amazing! The sights have been breathtaking and unbelievable. Language is of course not enough to capture how beautiful parts of the Campanian Archipelago are. I rode my first ferry today from Sorrento to the island of Capri and I couldn’t help but think about this topic of identity.

Until next time,