Homesickness – is there a cure?







This past week my boss asked me if I get homesick at all. I answered that I was too busy to be homesick. My mind is cluttered with day-to-day hurtles and tasks that I don’t get the allotted time to miss my hometown and those in it.

However, when things quiet down and free time presents itself, sometimes I’ll feel a little sting of homesickness. It’s a rare occurrence though, and it almost feels wrong to miss a place when I”m currently in the coolest city on the planet (in my opinion, of course.)

But obviously, it’s not about the location but more so the people in it; I miss my friends and my family. I miss my dog. I insanely miss my car and being able to travel where I want when I want without relying on a bus. My remedy for this is communication.

Facetiming my mother is the cough syrup of homesickness. Another important aspect of combating homesickness is to not wallow in it. Go out and make memories with the people around currently; it’ll maybe get your mind off of things out of reach. Make the most of the now, because it’ll only be here once.

^Me FaceTiming my dog