Home: On Forgiveness through Care


The airport arrival did not feel real. As I rushed in to pay for my checked luggage, there was a difficulty verifying my visa. Wearing my mask, I had to use my password to get into my phone. In angst, assuming that my inability to access was due to an issue with my screen, I continued to enter the same password until my phone was locked. When I realized I locked my phone right before I was about to embark on this long journey alone I frantically tried to think of all the various combinations it could be to no avail. Unbeknownst to me, an anxious and sleep deprived Dewayne changed my password in a frenzy at 3am the night prior while packing.

Before I could check-in to my flight, I was thrusted into the unknown. I arrived to Worcester College with luggage and a reset phone with all of my memories deleted. It took me a few days to get adjusted. Hectically running around the city, the bliss of novelty overcame any anxiety that had arose the day prior. Although there were moments I got boggled down in the stressfulness of moving to a new place, whenever I looked up I was calmed. I found sanctuary in grounding — in reminding myself where I am and why I am here.

My first few weeks at Worcester have taught me invaluable and unexpected lessons. While here, I’ve learned more about home than anything else. I learned forgiveness for the past, for myself, and how to navigate care within grievance. I learned to let go and accept the new.

I’m excited for more lessons along the way and I look forward to telling you more about it.

With love,