Gulbenkian Arts Centre


Last week was also a busy week since the due date for the first essays in each class is rapidly approaching. I finished my third essay last week, including the revision process, and I started my fourth essay for the module on Terrorism and Political Violence. I spent some time in the library on Thursday between classes because I needed to do additional research for this fourth essay on the topic of “new terrorism.” I did locate a couple of books that had the information I was looking for to improve my argument. On Friday, I went to the Gulbenkian Arts Centre at the university. The Nu Civilisation Orchestra presented Marvin Gaye’s What’s Going On, celebrating the 50th anniversary of the album’s release. The show was divided into two parts; the first part covered Gaye’s Trouble Man soundtrack album, and the second part focused on What’s Going On. It was an excellent show, and the orchestra played brilliantly. I am glad I had the chance to attend and enjoy the show. Over the weekend, I spent more time reading and finished writing my fourth essay. I just need to make some revisions and go over it to make sure my thesis is clear and that the essay explicitly supports the argument I am making. This week is going to be a little different because some of the faculty members at the university are taking part in a strike action regarding pay, conditions, and pensions in the higher education sector. Three of my four professors are taking part in the strike, which means that I will only have a seminar session for one class this week; however, the recorded lectures are still available for all classes. The professors taking part in the strike have made the necessary adjustments, and the school is providing students with the support needed. I will use this time to start working on the following four essays.