First Week in the UK


This has been my first week in the UK, and I have already made new friends! I am staying in Herne Bay, which is located on the coast, about thirty minutes away from the University of Kent.

I am staying at a family home with Wafaa. She is from Egypt, and her husband is British, but he is away in Egypt due to work commitments. Her two children are also away due to work. In no time, we have found that we have many things in common and have started a nice friendship while we learn about our countries. Additionally, she has introduced me to her neighbors, who have been very welcoming and friendly. They organized a couple of dinners to get to know me, and I already feel like part of the group. I am very happy to have found such a nice group of people who are so interested in learning about me and life in America. They enjoy listening about my life in South Carolina and my family. We have also spent time sharing pictures and talking about food.

Wafaa has been so wonderful showing me around Herne Bay and providing me with all the information that I need to get around town and to the university. We have also visited Canterbury briefly, but I am planning to go back soon to see the area around the university.

In the meantime, I have been able to schedule a meeting with Katie, a representative from the University of Kent; however, it had to be a virtual meeting as they are still working remotely. They will be back in the office at the beginning of September. I have been in touch with Katie from very early on, and it was very nice to finally meet her. She has been very helpful in guiding me through the process. This week, I completed the last few steps of the enrollment process, and I should receive my student ID very soon! Katie has also informed me that the modules I had chosen have been confirmed; I hope to get my schedule soon, as well. I have already identified the bus route that I will need to take to get to the University and the best deals for students! I am so happy, and I feel very fortunate to have found this group of people who have made me feel at home from the very beginning and have offered to help in any way possible.

Next week, I will have more news!