First week in Florence, Italy




Entry written in my diary on May 30, 2023.

First week living in Florence

Seven days ago, I arrived at the place I had longed to be, the place I imagined when I closed my eyes, and finding myself here felt unreal. Eight days ago, I had a single destination, two suitcases, three different planes to catch, and lots of fear.

Getting here took more than just time, effort, and sacrifice. However, only I know what it truly cost me. I am bursting with gratitude towards myself for my perseverance and for the support of the people who were there and are still here to this day.

A song that always comforts me when I felt lost and had negative thoughts about not achieving this goal is “Vienna” by Billy Joel. In moments of distress, I would close my eyes, breathe, and remember that I had to slow down the pace of ambition and haste to enjoy the journey.

I am proud of myself for reaching where I am. Although the first few days have been a bit challenging to adapt, I keep trying.

Tears of pride stream down my face as I write in my diary, sitting on the terrace of my apartment, which faces the historic and beautiful cathedral/duomo that characterizes Florence. Even though only a week has passed, I like to think that this is just the beginning of something greater.

I give myself a kiss and a hug for everything, everything, everything.

With love, Meli<3