First Week in Chiang Mai


First and foremost I would like to apologize to all of my blog reads on my tardiness as some of you know because of your own trips it if often quite hard to find a “quite” spot to sit and blog or journal.

My first week in Chiang Mai was one to remember and quite hectic. I was overwhelmed by the arrival at the airport in Hong Kong trying my hardest not to look like a foreign :)! BUT I made it safely to Thailand. Overtaken by joy I wanted to immediately run through the city of Chiang Mai and take it on by storm. However, when I walked outside it was almost like a massive heat wave hit me in the face. You see … in Thailand on average the temperature is in the high 90’s (as I did my research before I came) but I didn’t exactly research the humidity levels here. On a brighter not I met a few of my classmates at the Hong Kong airport and instantly we talked about why we chose Thailand out of all places and all of our plans and excursions we planned to take while here.

It felt amazing to hear their stories and think to myself “wow there are people in this world as crazy as I am to travel across the world” at the moment I didn’t feel alone anymore.

However back to my topic! When we finally made it to Chiang Mai on our connecting flight from Hong Kong. We made our way to the customs and international arrivals section and to my amazement I saw a big “Welcome TEAN Abroad Students to Chiang Mai.” That was when I knew reality had hit me. We had the rest of the day to unpack and the others met their roommates since mine would not arrive until later on in the month due to her internship I took it upon myself to look around my room and unwind. 

The following day we had our TEAN orientation to go over expectations, policies, and procedures while in Thailand. In my next entry I will go over what exactly we did for the rest of the day :)