Finding Peace in a Non-Work Environment


In the wake of Covid-19, remote work has become the new normal for many professionals, including interns like myself. My experience as an intern at Inshuti of Rwanda was no exception, as the entirety of my work was conducted remotely. My primary responsibility involved helping with various aspects of the organization, including assisting with social media posts, as well as more involved activities like creating a comprehensive 3-year strategic plan. Despite being entirely online, my work was challenging and rewarding. It provided me with valuable insights into effective communication and collaboration, as well as an opportunity to hone my digital skills.

In today’s world, the freedom to work from anywhere can be both a blessing and a curse. While the flexibility of remote work allows individuals to choose their own working environment, it also presents unique challenges that can hinder productivity. For some, working in a busy or noisy environment can be distracting and counterproductive. With constant movement and noise, it can be difficult to remain focused and on-task. As a result, finding quiet areas to work in becomes essential for maximizing productivity. During my time working in Ireland, I quickly realized the importance of seeking out peaceful and isolated workspaces. By doing so, I was able to eliminate distractions and stay focused on my work, ultimately achieving greater efficiency and productivity.

After working in this mode for a while, I managed to figure out what works best for me. My most notable word of advice is that setting daily goals can be an effective method for staying on-task and achieving a sense of accomplishment. While weekly goals can be overwhelming or difficult to manage, setting daily objectives can provide a clear direction and sense of purpose. I have found that by setting daily goals, I am better able to prioritize tasks and eliminate distractions, leading to increased productivity and efficiency. Additionally, having something specific to work towards can provide motivation and a sense of achievement once the task is completed in a timely manner. By incorporating this simple technique into my daily routine, I have been able to improve my focus and make the most of my digital work hours.

Though I will admit, working from my bedroom every once in a while was also nice. If you’re ever in Dublin and looking for quiet but commercial places to work, check out Insomnia Coffee Co., Cafe Nero, or even Starbucks. Though for me, KC Peaches Cafe and Queen of Tarts both had an all-around quiet atmosphere great for working (with fantastic food)!