Day 1: Depart to Derby


June 2nd had finally arrived, the day I would be going to England on a study aboard. My emotions ran with excitement and with the anxiety of being away from home without my mom for the first time in my life. The day started out mildly, woke up early in the morning and helped my mom with some errands before she left me at the airport later in the afternoon. We ate some breakfast at an IHOP eight minutes away from Miami International Airport. The meeting time was fast approaching, and midday rolled around quickly. We headed to the airport and my mom left me at the departure terminal for Virgin Atlantic Airlines. I quickly made my way inside after saying my goodbyes to my mom. Not even five minutes had passed before I found the professors and some of the other study-aboard students. I greeted them all while we waited for the rest of the students. Less than an hour had passed, and we had all arrived at the airport and checked in, and made our way to TSA and our gate. The hours before our departure, I had spent with my study abroad roommate and some other girls. We bought a couple of snacks and even ended up exchanging some US dollars for GBP, Pounds. The exchange rate was completely and utterly horrendous. I exchanged $200 and got back 125 pounds. The airplane arrived on time and everyone from the study aboard assembled to board the plane, at 4:50 pm. I soon felt excited again as I sat down in my airplane seat for the next nine hours. This was the first time I had ever traveled to England, so I was elated but also scared. On the plane, I was happy that I was sitting next to my roommate, Erika. We talked during the airplane ride and even synced our screens so that we could watch a movie at the same time, The Menu was the name of the film. We both had already seen the movie before that day, but we wanted to talk while commenting on the movie, which we both love. The flight attendants passed around dinner and I ended up getting the Chicken Pot Pie, which was amazing. Pretty soon I ended the day falling asleep.