Cat Cafes in the East Capital!





Hello FEA,

I’m coming from Tokyo this time! A quick impromptu weekend trip which included a visit (and many photos) to Mocha Cat Cafe in Shibuya, the famous Shibuya Crossing, and other general delights I found in the large city of 東京. Fun fact for those who may not know, but the original capital of Japan was Kyoto. However, in the year 1868, the capital was moved to Tokyo, whose name came from the kanji 東 which means ‘East’ and 京 which means ‘Capital’.

Tokyo is a crazy busy city, especially at this time of year. It’s becoming warmer outside, springtime approaches and it happened to be around St. Patricks Day that I went. I have to say that while it was refreshing to see many more foreigners here, I found myself a little saddened when, again, I was spoken to only in English by almost everyone. I guess it’s just not common for foreigners to understand Japanese. Nevertheless, a mini-vacation is still a vacation, and I had an absolute blast!

Firstly here are some photos of the cat cafe I visited in Shibuya.

Cats on ledges and shelves and in baskets and on pillows! I was so excited to be able to visit this place!!

Another few photos of my visit!

I got some awesome photos of the crossing in Shibuya from a second floor Starbucks!!

This was my breakfast at the hotel I stayed in!! Apparently, you’re supposed to put these foods in the rice bowl and pour the liquid in the pot over it. I misunderstood these directions but it was still delicious to eat!

And finally, at a festival in a nearby park I got to meet Miss Japan, and Miss Ireland! They graciously let me take a photo with them even though I knew they had to be tired from a long day!  A nice end to a wonderful weekend!! (I’m the one in the middle in case you confused us (: )

A final note: next week my spring semester will finally begin!!! It’s been a great two-month break, but I’m ready to get back to my classes!! Getting ready for another long and stressful semester!