The Bri Bri Remedy





This past week has been full of beautiful sights and experiences. I took a trip outside of San Jose to visit Puerto Viejo for the weekend and it was a beautiful time. I had many opportunities to indulge in the great cuisine and an indigenous community.

My first time ever visiting any indigenous community was last week, so everything was very new to me. Though not very secluded, their community had not lost touch with the traditions their ancestors practiced. The Bri Bri community grows there own produce and raises their own chickens and pigs. They’re most famous for their great home remedies and chocolate! While visiting, I was able to learn and participate in the special processes that goes into the production of their rich chocolate.

Along with exploring the chocolate production, I also had the opportunity to learn about the remedies passed down for many generation by the Bri Bri. One of which is the use of natural cocoa butter for injured muscles. After experiencing the culture that the Bri Bri community shared with me, they served a feast. This feast was served in banana tree leaves and included rice, plantains and yucca. The Bri Bri indigenous community was very welcoming and most accommodating, sharing many aspects of there lives of seclusion.

The Bri Bri’s natural approach to medicine is something that I would like to incorporate in my future medical practices as a physician. Having medicine that combines practical and natural aspects can be much more effective and beneficial for my future patients.

Before departing from Puerto Viejo, I had to stop by a sloth sanctuary for a quick tour. At this particular sanctuary, all of the sloths are rescued from the wild due to injury or sickness. I had always found sloths to be quite appealing but after this tour I gained a greater appreciation for these furry friends that we call lazy.

Though not easy to see at first sight, sloths are a lot like humans. They move about life one step at a time only making adjustments for things that are worth rushing for. They all vary from each other whether it be by physical characteristics or personality. They are truly a beautiful species.

Now that three weeks have lapsed and only one week remains, I’ve had time to reflect on the many experiences I had while in Costa Rica. It has truly been an empowering experience that I will never forget, so I’m definitely going to cherish this final week.

Until the last time..Pura Vida!!