Today, I took a trip to the Roman Baths with friends. There, we were able to explore the Baths first-hand. Along the way, we listened to an audio guide that informed us the history of the baths.

The Roman Baths are an extremely popular tourist destination. Thousands of years ago, these baths were used for relaxing and of course bathing. The baths naturally have a warm temperature which would make for an excellent soothing bath.

Upon arrival, I had expected to see people swimming in the baths. Though, that was not the case. Many people were simply walking around, admiring the majestic display, and taking photos. I saw a bride, for example, taking wedding photos along the water. I also saw some staff dressed in Roman cosplay.

Although the city is called Bath for the famous baths, there is more to the city than that. For example, Royal Victoria Park is a magnificent space. The landscape is a beautiful green lawn accompanied by the Royal Crescent. The Royal Crescent is simply a row of townhouses that are arranged in crescent shape. The part facing the law has beautiful columns that add to the majestic feeling on the lawn.

One of my favorite parts of visiting Bath was definitely eating fudge and watching it be made. There is a very popular fudge shop that offers free samples of fudge. Of course, the fudge was so good that I had to buy some. The staff were also very cheery and kind. My friends and I stayed to watch the process of fudge being made! I never realized that fudge making was so complicated. It requires focus, attention, and mechanical work to ensure that the fudge churns smoothly and tastes divine. All in all, Bath was quite enjoyable. It is always fun to experience new places with friends!