Balancing A Healthy Psyche and Body


The diverse array of food options in Dublin left me with an insatiable desire to sample everything in sight. However, I now realize that my perception may have been somewhat skewed by my limited exposure to multicultural cuisine back home. With a lack of diverse culinary options in my hometown, I had become accustomed to cooking for myself and had grown quite comfortable with the familiarity of my own recipes. In addition to this, cooking my own meals also allowed me to save money. It was only upon arriving in Dublin and being exposed to a whole new world of culinary possibilities that I remembered how challenging it can be to adapt to changes in one’s environment.

Upon my arrival in Dublin, I wasted no time in seeking out a range of multicultural eateries to add to my dining repertoire. However, I quickly realized that many of the foods I was consuming outside of my own cooking were leaving me feeling unwell. As my work required me to be stationed at cafes and other venues to get things done, I found that changing my working environment often helped me to focus better. While the food at these establishments was undoubtedly delicious, I found that I was unable to fully enjoy it for very long before feeling nauseous or otherwise unwell.

Adjusting to a new environment and navigating a diverse range of culinary options was a huge challenge. In fact, it really took a toll on my body. With me not knowing to be cautious with how this venture would change my dietary needs, I was in a bit of a pickle. Unfortunately, this unintended ignorance toward my well-being quickly caught up with me when the cold season hit and those around me began to fall ill with sniffles and sneezes. Given that my immune system was already weakened by the stress of adapting to a new place, it was no surprise when I, too, was struck down with a cold. Being laid up in bed made me continuously think about how I could have been enjoying the outside if I had taken more caution regarding my health.

Being bedridden with a fever of 103 F was a difficult and unpleasant experience for me. However, it did make me appreciate the convenience and efficiency of Irish pharmacies, where I was able to quickly receive recommended medicine after telling a pharmacist my symptoms. In fact, the medication seemed to work even faster than the generic ibuprofen and Mucinex that I was accustomed to back home! Despite this reminder of the importance of taking care of my health, I must confess that I did not fully learn my lesson. I continued to indulge in new and exciting foods, but I made a concerted effort to cook for myself more often than not in order to maintain greater control over my diet and minimize any potential health risks. Looking back, I can see how this experience taught me valuable lessons about the importance of maintaining balance and taking care of oneself, even in the midst of exciting new experiences.