A Breath of Fresh Air


Traveling to Chuncheon for a quick weekend trip has been one of the highlights of my time abroad so far. After my last class on Thursday, I traveled with three other friends by subway and bus 3+ hours away to the Northeast of Korea. Tucked away in the mountains was a gorgeous Airbnb where I stayed with eight other students. I noticed the change of pace immediately after arriving. Instead of constantly being surrounded by people in the bustling metropolitan area of Seoul, it was only the eight of us with no other people (besides the host) in sight. I didn’t realize how welcome this change of pace would be.

Throughout the next two days, I did so many fun activities. We had a picnic and painted by the lake, sang our hearts out with the karaoke machine, played card games until early in the morning, and even got to tour the lake on the speed boat thanks to the amazing Airbnb host. I spent my nights sitting out in the camping chairs watching the stars, which is something I’m not able to do in Seoul. Having grown up in the Redwood forest, it was so nice to have the opportunity to be out in nature once again. There were no honking cars or city lights shining through my window. Everything just felt calm. Coming to Chuncheon was like a breath of fresh air and exactly what I needed to rejuvenate myself.

*The scenery was so beautiful!

*The Airbnb kind of looked like the house from the movie Parasite ^^