Exams Are Over!




Happy Friday!

I have good news. I passed my Danish written and oral tests. The exam wasn’t too difficult but I was really nervous since Danish is a difficult language. It has a lot of absent sounds; for example, the word “Amager”, is pronounced “Ama”…  Regardless of its difficulties, I will definitely miss this class. My teacher is super sweet and my classmates are very down to earth people- they are probably the people I have been hanging out with the most. We often make plans to explore the city or go to concerts together, so I will definitely miss seeing their faces everyday.

Aside from studying my butt off, here’s what I have been up to this week:

This past weekend, I went to a concert at Tivoli. Tivoli is an amusement park that hosts free concerts (but you have to pay for the entrance fee) during the summer. I saw an artist named Christopher. Apparently, he is very well-known here and would be an equivalent of a Danish Justin Bieber. His music was actually very catchy (and Justin-Bieber like), though a bit PG-13 rated. I had a great time. Tivoli is very beautiful at night; it has a lot of pretty lights and cute restaurants. The stage area was extremely crowded with mostly teenage girls with the artist’s name (Christopher) painted on the faces. It was so cute how almost everyone knew all the words to all his songs! My friends and I caught on throughout the songs and hummed along ;) So, if you ever decide to visit Denmark, make sure to stop by Tivoli.




I also attended Copenhagen Pride this week! It was so much fun. I went with a few people from my dorm. We set up an area on the side of the road to hang out and have drinks, waiting for the parade to come by. During the parade, everyone was so rowdy and energetic. Here are some pictures to give you an idea.




There was also a concert after at the city hall, but I did not stay too long because I had plans to have dinner with a friend- we cooked chicken and some delicious (and very cheesy salad)! Here is a picture in case you were wondering ;) We also had candles because apparently candles are very big over here. My friend told me that they are even bigger during the winter when the sun is only out for 5-6 (or less) hours a day.


I also went swimming this week! Yes, SWIMMING! It was around 75 degrees fahrenheit yesterday and the Copenhagen population probably all went to either Island Brugge (where there is a giant pool) or to Amager Strand (a beach). I went to Island Brugge with a few of my friends and we laid our towels and blankets down and had a mini picnic(ish). It was supposed to be a study-party, but we failed miserably because the weather was so wonderful- so we just all relaxed and prayed to the Danish goddess that we pass our oral exams the next day.

That is how my week is going. Today is Friday and the weather is supposed to be around 80 degrees fahrenheit. I AM VERY EXCITED FOR THIS BECAUSE this is probably the hottest it’s ever going to get for a while. So, hope you are enjoying my weekly updates. I will be heading to Amager Strand (a beach) now, see you later!

Hej Hej.