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Ocean-Focused Studies (Abroad!): Inclusive Maritime Career Pathways

Study abroad classrooms take many forms—including sailing vessels and ships! The Sea Education Association, a Fund for Education Abroad Access Partner, is a global teaching, learning and research community dedicated to the exploration, understanding and stewardship of marine and maritime environments. This conversation will feature the perspective of Sean Carswell, a maritime professional and professor of Engineering at SUNY Maritime College. We’ll hear from Sean about maritime careers and study, from SEA about their ocean-focused study abroad programs, and from FEA about their upcoming scholarship deadline and access partner scholarships. We invite students, study abroad and higher education professionals, and anyone who has ever thought about ocean-focused learning and living to join us for this event!

About Sean Carswell:

Sean Carswell is an engineering educator as the Coordinator for Ship Training and Licensing (Engine). He has come to the education field as an experienced senior leader with 15 years of regulatory agency and engineering experience within the facility management, maritime industry and public transportation fields; expert in workplace safety, specifically in commercial buildings, public establishments, marine and transportation environments; establishing methods and protocols to help organizations provide safe spaces for their staff and patrons. He serves as a stakeholder of the New York Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated as Polemarch. In this role, he acts as a manager of all chapter committees and special projects in accordance with the constitution and statutes of the grand, regional and local chapters.

Sean currently acts as liaison between the Northeastern Province and Region One National Society of Black Engineers Alumni chapters on the memorandum of understanding between Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Incorporated and the National Society of Black Engineers.

About Sea Education Association:

Sea Education Association (SEA), a non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation, is an internationally recognized leader in undergraduate ocean education. Since 1971, SEA has equipped over 10,000 high school and undergraduate students with the tools to become environmentally literate leaders prepared to address the defining issue of the twenty-first century: the human impact on the environment.

SEA’s Boston University accredited study abroad program is the leading off-campus Environmental Studies program focused on the ocean. While the academic focus varies, each program offers an interconnected suite of courses designed to explore a specific ocean-related theme using a cross-disciplinary approach. SEA looks for motivated undergraduates of all majors who are passionate about learning, inspired to tackle and address real-world problems, and eager to become part of an unparalleled living and learning community.

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