*South India Term Abroad (SITA) Nallennam Scholarship

Hello in your host country language: Namaste
University: University of Florida
Expected graduation year: 2021
Destination: India and Nepal
Program Provider: University of Florida
Major / Minor: Family Youth, and Community Sciences / Nonprofit Organizational Leadership & Communication Studies
Demographic background: African American, First-Generation
Future career aspirations: To work in the human services field through the nonprofit sector. To provide vulnerable communities with the proper resources so they may be able to reach their full potential.
Top 3 goals for study abroad: To be able to expand my knowledge and learn a great deal academically about NGOs. To immerse myself into the Indian culture and challenge myself to step outside my comfort zone. To look at everything with an open mind and heart, so that I may learn more about myself and the world we live in.

Journal entries by Zyreshia