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University of Arkansas, Little Rock

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Spain (Summer) | *Steckley-Weitzel Family Scholarship

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*Steckley-Weitzel Family Scholarship

Hello in your host country language: Hola
University: University of Arkansas, Little Rock
Expected graduation year: 2019
Destination: Valencia, Spain
Program Provider: World Endeavors
Major / Minor: Business Management-Innovation & Entrepreneurship
Language of Study: Spanish
Demographic background: First-generation, African-American
Future career aspirations: External fundraiser within the nonprofit sector
Top 3 goals for study abroad: To become proficient enough with my Spanish-speaking skills to be able to converse with the Spanish-speaking population within my church and greater community; To demonstrate exemplary work ethic and professional behavior on behalf of my country, state, and university; To accomplish something that will change my life forever, encourage my children, and boost my courage to live life fully.


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