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Stephanie Tejeda


Pratt Institute

Studying In:

Tokyo, Japan


Rasmussen Family Scholarship

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Major / Minor:

Communications Design- Illustration / Cinema and Media Studies

Program Provider:

IES Abroad


First-Generation College Student, Hispanic/Latinx, LGBTQ+

Future Career Goals:

I strive to become a creative that can spread art to people who aren’t able to be heard. Making art and experimenting with the subject matter continuously allows me to learn infinitely and connect/communicate with others that I would not be able to otherwise. I want to work with a variety of inventors in a space where we will always learn from one another.

Top 3 Goals for your time abroad:

1. Learn about accessible architecture and how it differs from the Western approach to construction.
2. Submerse myself in the culture and further develop my Japanese language learning.
3. Meet new people and learn new approaches to design innovation and thinking.


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