Shamira Quiñones

Attending:University of Illinois at Chicago
Studying in Brazil, Argentina, Chile (Fall) | *CIEE Scholarship
*CIEE Scholarship

Hello in your host country language: Ola and Hola
University: University of Illinois at Chicago
Expected graduation year: 2018
Destination: Rio de Janeiro, Brazil & Buenos Aires, Argentina & Santiago, Chile
Program Provider: CIEE
Major / Minor: Public Policy
Language of Study: Portuguese
Demographic background: First-generation, Afro-Latina
Future career aspirations: Education Policy Maker
Top 3 goals for study abroad: Comparison Analysis of the education structures; To dive into Afro-Latino culture to further explore my identity; To continue the legacy of my ancestors.

Journal Entries By Shamira

Brazil: My Why

Scholar: Shamira Quiñones

Posted on Nov 14th 2018


Departure Video: Brazil, Argentina, and Chile

Scholar: Shamira Quiñones

Posted on Aug 11th 2018

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