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Sarahann Yeh


University of Maryland, College Park

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China (Spring)

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Hi, my name is Sarahann Yeh. I am currently a freshman studying Biological Sciences with a minor in International Development and Conflict Management at the University of Maryland. I hope to one day work in International Healthcare to help implement practical health-related changes in local communities around to world. On campus, I love getting involved in campus life, and am currently on my Hall Council, the University Student Judiciary, Scholars’ Ambassadors, and the Scholars Student Advisory Board Academic Affairs Committee.
I am so excited to study International Business in Shanghai, China next spring! I have always been fascinated by the Chinese culture because I am half-Chinese and want to study abroad in China because of its rapid economic growth and rise as one of the world’s powers. Going to China will help increase my global perspective and train me to be an excellent international healthcare worker. Fitting in a semester abroad certainly has not been easy because of my various academic requirements, but, because of my family’s financial situation, study abroad funding has been an even greater challenge. FEA has truly been a blessing, and, without this scholarship, I would not be able to study abroad for a full semester. I am truly looking forward to experiencing a completely different culture, making connections with people all around the globe, and learning as much as I can about the lifestyle and beliefs of other people.


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