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United Arab Emirates (Fall)

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Pronouns: She/her
Home Institution: Fordham University
Expected Graduation: 2024
Major / Minor: Economics
Study Abroad Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Mrhban
Program Provider: American University of Dubai Amideast
Identity: Asian/Asian American, U.S. Immigrant, First-Generation College Student
Future Career Goals: My future career goal is to establish a modest fashion company that incorporates modern technology to develop an eco-friendly and socially responsible clothing brand. I want to conduct thorough research to ensure the success of my fashion startup. As a Muslim woman who has migrated from Bangladesh to America, I have witnessed women in my community facing various challenges in their fight for basic human rights. I aim to use my personal experience and story to create a secure space for women where they can empower themselves and break free from the inequalities of society.
Top 3 Goals for your time abroad:
-Deepen my understanding of Islamic history and heritage by taking classes like Islamic Art and Architecture at the American University of Dubai, and gaining firsthand experience of exhibitions and museums that offer a glimpse of the artistic legacy of one of the greatest Islamic empires of the Ottomans.
-Attend Modest Fashion Week, visit museums for inspiration for my clothing line, and get involved in programs that aim to empower women’s entrepreneurship and bridge the gender gap while living in Dubai.
-Surround myself with a diverse culture and study entrepreneurship while fulfilling my desire to gain a deeper understanding of my heritage during this program.


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