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University of Wisconsin, Madison

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Denmark (Summer) | *DIS Scholarship

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*DIS Scholarship

Hello in your host country language: Hej
University: University of Wisconsin, Madison
Expected graduation year: 2019
Destination: Copenhagen, Denmark
Program Provider: DIS
Major / Minor: Psychology, Human Development & Family Studies / Education & Educational Services
Language of Study: English/Danish
Demographic background: First-generation
Future career aspirations: Elementary School Psychologist
Top 3 goals for study abroad: To participate in a culture that is foreign to me, with hopes of experiencing first-hand what makes Scandinavian countries the happiest in the world; To take advantage of every opportunity to try something new, even if it is out of my comfort zone; To get involved in the early education schools in Denmark to experience the Danish education values such as a focus on development and learning through independent free time and play-based curriculum.


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