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Florida Gulf Coast University

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Ireland (Summer) | *CAPA Access Partner Scholarship

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“Hello” in your host country’s language: Dia dhuit
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Florida Gulf Coast University
Expected graduation year: 2021
Destination city & country: Dublin, Ireland
Program provider: CAPA The Global Education Network
Major/minor: Forensic Studies / Chemistry
Demographics: Black, First-Generation, Non-Traditional Student, Migrated from Jamaica
Future career aspirations:My future career is to work for the United Nations on Office Drugs and Crime developing field crime scene kits and drug kits to be more efficient and sustainable to the environment.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: 1) Learn and experience the Irish criminal justice system, 2) Learn new techniques used at the different crime scenes, 3) Learn the laws about collecting and processing evidence.


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