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Maximillian Lujan


University of California, Santa Cruz

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United Kingdom (Fall) | *Cyril Taylor Memorial Scholarship for Study in the UK

More About This Scholar

Pronouns: He/him
Home Institution: University of California, Santa Cruz
Expected Graduation: 2024
Major / Minor: History
Study Abroad Location: London, United Kingdom
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hello
Program Provider: UCEAP
Identity: Hispanic/Latinx, First-Generation College Student, Community College Student, Transfer Student, Returning/Adult Learner, LGBTQ+, Former Foster Youth
Future Career Goals: I have many different career paths I’m interested in exploring. With my history degree, a clear path would be in the educational field. I’m interested in exploring museum work – whether that’s writing, researching, curating documenting, or guiding. I am also interested in working with music in some capacity, whether it’s as a side project or combining it with my history skills. I’m excited to explore all of the possibilities, especially with internship opportunities during the next two summer breaks. I want a career that I can take pride in and enjoy. I also want to make sure I can provide for myself and family a comfortable lifestyle into the future.
Top 3 Goals for your time abroad: 1. Personal growth. I want to experience personal growth, adapting to this entirely new environment. It will be filled all new people, students, professors, locations, experiences etc. and I think it’ll be an enriching experience for my self-confidence. Everyday will be a fun learning experience and opportunity for personal and academic growth. I want to broaden my perspectives on the world while being immersed in a new culture.

2. Make new friends. I hope to make some good friendships and connections while abroad, especially to people that hold similar interests to mine. I hope there are other students just like me and we can potentially visit famous landmarks together. Since this will be such a unique once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for me, I hope to grow alongside the people I’m with. I also hope to make friends with local Londoners, or even just having some nice chats while I’m there.

3. Improved career opportunities and career perspective. By visiting a location that houses some of the most significant historical archives, landmarks, and museums in the world, I hope to see up close and personal what helps real historians tick. I’ve only been able to explore places of local interest, but going across the world to see places that I’ve only read about can give me some real potential career experience for my future. I might figure out that this is what I love, and travel to other countries and museums throughout my life to further my exploration


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