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Mahiri Moore, Jr.


University of California, Davis

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Spain (Summer) | *Lynn Stevens Memorial Scholarship

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Aug 14th 2023

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Jul 27th 2023


Jul 22nd 2023


Jun 06th 2023

Pre-Departure Vlog

More About This Scholar

Pronouns: He/him/his
Home Institution: University of California, Davis
Expected Graduation: 2024
Major / Minor: Communication / Sociology
Study Abroad Location: Barcelona, Spain
“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hola
Program Provider: UCEAP
Identity: African American/Black, Hispanic/Latinx
Future Career Goals: I wish to use my degree and my study abroad experience to pursue a career in international relations.
Top 3 Goals for your time abroad: 1. To learn about and enjoy the rich culture of Barcelona, Spain.
2. To speak Spanish with those from a different background than me.
3. To make wonderful connections and friends.


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