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¡Buenas! My name is Madison Rogers. I am an English and Spanish double major with a minor in Latin American and Latino studies. I attend Rutgers University in Camden, New Jersey. Attending college in the city of Camden has completely shaped my undergrad career. Its intercity setting has led me to intensive service efforts centering on youth and the Spanish-speaking community. This past fall I was able to launch an ESL class for parents in the North Camden neighborhood. Additionally, I work one-on-one tutoring a group of students in one of Camden’s elementary schools who have recently migrated from Latin America, supplementing their coursework with additional English practice. Following my bachelors, I intend on pursuing TESOL in conjunction with community development and outreach. This experience has completely defined my career goals, which is why my particular study abroad program is not simply beneficial, but necessary.

For this upcoming Fall semester I will be studying, for five months, at Ponifica Universidad Católica de Chile in Valparaíso, Chile. The language and cultural immersion that this program offers is essential for my academic focus and professional goals. There I plan on navigating through various communities to continue my ESL work, capacity building and creating mutually beneficial linguistic partnerships. This program, and the experience and opportunity it offers, is an ideal match to who I am and who I wish to become. I never could have imagined this to be in reach for someone of my single parent and low-income background, so now being able to explore, live and grow abroad is something that I will forever carry in everything that I do. ¡Hasta pronto Valparaíso!


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