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South Korea (Academic Year) | *All Access Scholarship

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“Hello” in your host country’s language: 안녕하세요 annyeonghaseyo (Standard) & 안녕 annyeong (Informal)
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): Winthrop University
Expected graduation year: 2023
Destination city & country: Seoul, South Korea
Program provider: TEAN:The Education Abroad Network
Major/minor: Individualized Studies – International Education for Higher Education Administration / Women & Gender Studies
Demographics: Multi-Racial, First-Generation College Student, LGBTQ+
Future career aspirations: When looking towards the future, I see myself contributing in a vast array of areas. For the most part, once I graduate from Winthrop University as an undergraduate scholar, I hope to gain field experience. Due to my unwavering passion for international education, teaching in South Korea or France while working for a third-party study abroad program provider for a couple of years would be most ideal. In order to succeed in Higher Education, field experience is a necessity. Once I complete my time in the field, I will resume my graduate studies for my Masters in International Education and Ph.D or EdD in Higher Education Administration Leadership and Management and Policy. Once this degree is completed, I would be interested in working as a Coordinator in a university’s study abroad office. As I gain experience, I aspire to grow in the ranks of Higher Education by becoming a Vice Provost or Dean at a Tertiary Institution. It is with my perseverance and willpower that I am able to foster an environment at my future institution that will sow the seeds of empowerment, courage, adaptability, open-mindedness, but most importantly networking and communication to my future students and to the entirety of the institution’s community. I will mold an environment that allows me to mentor and guide the students, faculty, and staff through the rocky landscapes of higher education. It is imperative that I give them the tools to prosper in their fields of choice as a socially-responsible and culturally-competent global citizen, so that we can make strides to become a more globalized, balanced world each and every day.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: I. Improving my language skills
II. Personal Development
III. Immerse wholeheartedly within the culture for the year that I am there


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