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Lodoe Sangmo


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Tanzania (Summer)

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Hujambo! My name is Lodoe Sangmo and I’m currently a junior at Cornell University majoring in Human Biology, Health and Society and minoring in Global Health. My parents were Tibetan refugees and my family immigrated to the Unites States from India when I was 10. Witnessing a range of global health disparities and the limitations of addressing health in different resource-poor settings really drew me to pursue my passion for studying public health. I will be furthering this pursuit this summer during my trip to Moshi, Tanzania where I will be working with Tanzanian medical students to research and develop a public health case study on the local population. I am also incredibly excited to participate in a home-stay with a Tanzanian family where I will have the chance to practice my Kiswahili, help prepare meals and to truly immerse myself in the Tanzanian way of life.
During my trip, I will also be contributing forty service hours per week to a non-profit organization, hospital or local agency in Tanzania. As I love working with kids and am involved in research on children’s social cognition on campus and also work as a Public Achievement Coach for Karin Burmese refugee students, I hope to work with an organization targeted towards children and youth in Tanzania. More than anything, I am looking forward to experiencing moments of dissonance which challenge me, to examining the fundamental differences of a new culture and to the limitless academic and discoveries that this experience will bring.


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