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Li Chen


University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill

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Sweden (Summer) | *David T. Parry Founders Scholarship

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“Hello” in your host country’s language: Hej!
Home Institution (your U.S. University/College): University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
Expected graduation year: 2023
Destination city & country: Gothenburg, Sweden
Program provider: University of Gothenburg
Major/minor: Statistics and Analytics
Demographics: Asian/Asian American, First-Generation College Student
Future career aspirations: My future career goals are to learn as much as I can within my field, benefit as many people as I can with my skills, and to contribute to the advancement of society or technology.
Top 3 goals for your time abroad: My top three goals for my time abroad are to enrich myself in Sweden’s culture, learn as much as I can at the University of Gothenburg, and make new friends!


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